How to clean Jerusalem Artichokes like a 10-year-old

We have been a bit knocked out in Covid-19 in the household for more than a week. But now we’re slowly returning to proper energy levels again. We’ll hopefully be involuntarily immunized the organic way 😊

During these times it is great to still have food in the ground. Our 10-year-old has helped a lot with the food lately. Jerusalem Artichokes can be a real pain to clean and peel. Lots of soil and mud gets stuck in between everything! For quite a few years we didn’t feel like putting in the extra effort. Lots of tubers were left in the ground.

A few years ago we tried a fast way of cleaning potatoes, when we had 25 hungry course participants on site. And this works really well to clean all kinds of roots!

This is a video of our 10-year-old, picking around 100kgs of tubers, and cleaning around 50kgs of them. We clean a bucket of 5kgs in less than 2 minutes this way.

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  1. Pierre Carlsson

    Helt lysande!
    Många tack för denna fantastiska lösning. Kommer spara mig massor av tid.

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